·            I’ve loved Zero Zero Zero on Amazon Prime.  If you liked Gomorrah (I loved it), you’ll like this.  Roberto Saviano’s latest crime / mafia / cartel drama.  Intensely gritty and gripping.


·            The Trial of Christine Keeler.  Six part UK drama on HBO.  Brilliant acting, and a pretty accurate picture of 1960’s England – and all its class issues.  This was a big story at the time for me – I was 14/15 and followed every twist and turn – and I relived them all over again.


·            The Christine Keeler story put me back into a 60’s mood – so I watched a classic movie from the period – Get Carter with Michael Caine (based on the 60’s under-valued novelist noir Ted Lewis).  Haven’t seen it since it came out.  Brilliant Northern period piece shot in a grimy Newcastle.


·            Clive Davis – The Soundtrack of Our Lives – on Netflix.  A documentary of a true music industry visionary.


·            The Equalizer.  I loved the Denzel Washington film.  This is lighter, but still fun.  With Queen Latifah in the TV series role.


·            Manchester City shooting to the top of the Premier League and still competing for four trophies on NBC/Peacock – twice a week in this crazy year.  Blue Moon Rising!


·            Trudy’s been watching The Dig (Netflix), the very funny Schitt’s Creek, Clarice (the Silence of the Lambs spin-off), Grace and Frankie and the latest Costner movie Let Him Go.


Happy Viewing!



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