Backbone Conservatives:

Optimistic.  Keenly follow the news, mainly on traditional media.  Nostalgic, patriotic, secure and confident.  Politically engaged.


Progressive Activists:

Vocal, ultra-political, passionate, on a mission to connect historic minority marginalisation.


Loyal Nationalists:

Proud, patriotic, tribal, proactive and frustrated at the gap between haves and have-nots.


Established Liberals:

Have done well and mean well.  Privileged, trusting, cosmopolitan and confident.  Pro-market.


Disengaged Traditionalists:

Value duty, order and effort.  Want strong leadership to keep people focused.  Self-reliant, tough-minded, suspicious and disconnected.


Disengaged Battlers:

Feel like they’re barely afloat, blaming the system for its unfairness.  Insecure, disillusioned, overlooked.


Civic Pragmatists:

Care about others.  Turned off by conflict and extremes.  Charitable, concerned, exhausted, open to compromise, socially liberal.


Where do you fit?



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