Today’s my Birthday (and I’m lucky enough to be spending it with three of our grandchildren – Kendall, Cameron and Andrew – happy days!).


I’ve been reflecting on my life and how much I’ve been enjoying it.  Make Happy Choices is my Focus – and has been for quite a while.


On my 30th Birthday I remember having dinner with some friends in Geneva (during my Procter & Gamble days) and discussing a book I was reading – Passages by Gail Sheehy – where she spelled out a roadmap for Adult Life – something I thought I was about to enter for the first time.


Gail passed away last year – and her book was recognised by the Library of Congress as one of the 10 most influential books of all time.  (I still refer to the 1976 edition I have in my NZ library.)


This morning I thought about the passions that I embraced during my Passages and was surprised to see how much they had influenced/formed me – and how important most of them were to me still.



  • Sport – rugby, football, cricket and tennis (Man City and the All Blacks).
  • Music – still my lifeblood – the storytellers, the 60’s, Folk and Country.
  • Girls – a key interest growing up (accentuated by going to a boys only grammar school), now a spectator sport only!
  • History – an on-going interest – Who, When, Why …
  • Religion – As a teenager I studied many of the world’s religions and was struck not by differences, but by how much they had in common.  What’s so wrong about Peace, Love and Understanding?
  • English Literature – Thank you Peter Sampson who opened my eyes to drama, poetry, and contemporary fiction.
  • Making Money – I hated being poor.  It’s not a driver any more, and I realise (for me) money is only important when you don’t have any.



  • Marketing – I stumbled into my lifelong Marketing career in 1968 and have loved the whole, constantly evolving, game/art/science ever since.  Thank you Procter & Gamble who gave me my Marketing education and principles.
  • Travel – I’ve hated lockdowns/isolation.  I love the world – Morocco, Italy, The Caribbean, the American West, New Zealand, the North of England – and anywhere there’s an Aman!



  • Creativity – Thank you Susan Baird – great Aussie artist – for opening my eyes to believing in my own creativity and to appreciating the role Creativity plays in the world.  And thank you Saatchi & Saatchi people everywhere for showing me that Creativity is truly unreasonably powerful.
  • Design – I’ve loved designing our homes in Carefree Arizona, Tribeca New York, Auckland New Zealand, Grasmere Cumbria, St Tropez, Kingston on Thames, and next year New Jersey.
  • Food – I’ve known some great chefs, some marvellous maître d’s and some super sommeliers.  Food and drink have lit up my life.



  • Leadership and Coaching – I have transitioned from Player – to Player/Manager – to Player/Head Coach and have loved every step of the journey.  Nothing beats inspiring people to be the best they can be.


Livin’ the Dream.  Forever Young.



October 20, 2021

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