More Leadership Tips for today, tomorrow and 2023.


7)  Pursue Failure

  1. Good judgement only comes from bad judgement.
  2. A genius is someone who makes the same mistake only once.
  3. Admit your mistakes, learn from them, move on.
  4. Don’t put off the hard calls.
  5. Deal with the bad news immediately.
  6. Put the highs and lows behind you, prepare for tomorrow.
  7. Tackle the issue, not the person.
  8. Don’t get managed by negative press, don’t run your business from the headlines.
  9. Bad hires are inevitable.  Fire courageously and quickly.
  10. Allowing bad people who don’t share our values to poison our environment is the biggest failure of all.


8)  Keep It Simple

  1. Wage war on complexity.
  2. Search for solutions, not problems.
  3. Deal with people who have the power to say “yes”.
  4. Less talk, more do.
  5. See the big picture.
  6. Constantly re-evaluate – look for a better way.
  7. Know when to ask for help – and take it.
  8. Have a ‘can do’ attitude.
  9. Reduce and refine – as little as possible, as much as necessary.
  10. Start with the answer and work back to the question.


9)  Deliver The Results

  1. Impatience is a virtue – do it now.
  2. Make your Finance Director your equal partner.
  3. Treat the agency’s assets like your grandmother’s.
  4. Avoid sloppiness.  Value each and every task, no matter how small.
  5. Take personal responsibility for the results.
  6. Results beat promises every time.
  7. Use the network, it’s a fantastic resource.
  8. Don’t become preoccupied with your next move; concentrate on delivering in the ‘here and now’.
  9. Eliminate waste, root out negativity, squash cynicism.
  10. Put the highs and lows behind you, prepare for tomorrow.



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