Breakfast Club on the Waterfront

A great luncheon event at The Pontoon on the ocean at Westhaven, Auckland.  The clubhouse of R Marine Flagship, Auckland’s leading marine broker offering the full range of Riviera boats.  Run by Dean Horgan and Suzie Eade, they were kind enough to support The Breakfast Club (KRC June 9th, 2023) and welcome us to their intimate, friendly, inspirational, floating space harbourside.  (A great customer-love story: Suzie shared her philosophy with us – “We don’t sell boats, we create relationships and partnerships – we are an events company, not a boat seller”.  A superb example of “Never give the customer what they want, give them what they never dreamed possible (KRC May 31st, 2023).  Including four weeks of free boat driving lessons to boat-owning wives/partners of male boaties so the wives can lead and participate fully in the whole boating adventure.)

My youngest daughter Bex, and her Breakfast Club partner-in-crime Steve, invited 20 supporters and sponsors (and the local Tamaki MP!) to a 2½ hour session.  A quick speech on leadership, a copy of 64 Shots for everyone, and an informal, wide-ranging Q&A on all things leadership / marketing / business / sport / politics.  Great fun.

Successful, committed, passionate Kiwis (plus a young, talented Kiwi swimmer Brearna Crawford – who is on a full swimming scholarship at Indiana with the US National Swim coach) – all of whom have supported and helped those less fortunate than themselves via The Breakfast Club programme.

The sun was shining, the sky was blueing, the seagulls were seagulling, the ocean was sparkling (and the Auckland Blues were getting ready to thrash the New South Wales Waratahs by 30 points).

We road-tested the WOBI speeches I plan to give in Bogota, Mexico City, Madrid and Sydney in October/November and enjoyed a highly productive, challenging and stimulating couple of hours.

New Zealand – Winning the World from the Edge.

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