Two great weeks on the road with WOBI – three continents, four countries – Sydney, Mexico City, Bogota and Madrid.  Alongside Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron, Steve Wozniak, Carly Fiorina, Michael Phelps, Jon McNeill (Tesla) and other distinguished speakers.  I focused on Creativity, Innovation, Change and Lovemarks.  WOBI drove Purpose, Ideas, Leadership and Creativity, so it was all fun.  Venues were packed, from 1,000 in Madrid to over 2,000 in Mexico City.  Folks seemed hungry to connect and learn.

I also did some WOBI gigs for old friends Boston Scientific in Mexico City, Hill & Knowlton in Madrid and leading local companies in Bogota and Sydney – all of whom signed up for inspirational ways to foster creativity.  Very encouraging!

And a big bonus, following the presentations I was able to connect with a wide range of ISDIN friends from Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Portugal – really fun.

A couple of weeks of Making Happy Choices!

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