The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Here’s an inspirational story from a dear friend of mine, Jesal Asher –  business leader, entrepreneur, progressive mom, loving wife, exemplary daughter and a shining example of love, courage and caring commitment in a gloomy world.  She lives in Oman, the U.K. and the U.S. and has a great work/life blend. Here’s the opening paragraph of a letter she sent me last week.

Over Christmas the girls (Ella 16 and Lyla 13) and I successfully summited Kilimanjaro.  One of the most fulfilling experiences for me – as I don’t think I have ever had such quality time with my daughters and not sure this sort of time will come again easily!  No devices worked on the mountain.  The climb was 8 days long.  We shared one tent.  Nature was our friend – no internet – limited charging stations and so other than talking and laughing and sharing stories – or at best reading … when we were not climbing there was no much else to do.  I really really enjoyed it.  Through the challenging times we all bonded superbly and the best part of it was – we were successful.  It took us 6.5 days to summit and 1.5 days to come down.  The downhill had my knees screaming!  The girls both climbed for a cause – Ella raised money for the conservation of Arabian Humpback whales – she was able to raise $15,000.  Lyla raised money to renovate the playground for the special needs children school.  She raised $12,000.  In Oman and in their school (Haileybury) both got lots of recognition (newspapers, social media) – less for their successful summit and more for the fact that they supported a cause. 

Hats off to Jesal, Ella and Lyla.  Three Beacons of Light!

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