We live in a digital life stream. A forever ‘now-or-never’ world built on instant expectation, instant availability and instant feedback. The Age of Now is a reality because of people who have the courage, creativity and tenacity to bring ideas to life. Kenya, Brazil and Israel may not be countries first associated with startups, but these nations are currently experiencing a boom of small operators, all hoping to change the world – one idea at a time.

Brazil alone has over 80 million internet users and is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Kenya is turning to startups to help improve the quality of life for its people. One example is a web-solution developed by four university students that enables health officials to report and track the spread of diseases in real time. Israel has more startups than any other country and is only second to the USA in the number of companies listed on the Nasdaq technology index.

It’s exciting to see startups growing in developing countries. It’s a reminder that ideas can come from anywhere. The next big thing may not be from Palo Alto or New York City, but from your city or your street. Just a reminder that many well-known companies today started with a small group of people who wanted to make things happen.

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