Creating The Space For Ideas

Considering that universities are places for inspiring minds, it’s always been a bit of a paradox that many of them are in some of the most uninspiring of spaces. Heritage may have the prestige of history but it’s hard to think outside the square when you’re staring at a lot of grey.

Bangkok University, which brands itself as the “Creative University,” is designed so that students can interact with their environment and express themselves. How cool is it that at the entrance of the building students can change the color of the wall or leave a digital message for friends?

While visually stunning and fun, Bangkok University’s branding is part of a campaign to encourage the growth of a creative economy. Heavily dependent on the industrial and service sectors, the Thai government is looking at The Republic of Korea, which has been successful in creating an innovative ideas-based economy. With a campus like this, it looks like Thailand is off to a great start.

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