“Hope”, “trust”, “togetherness” are three words that many brands aspire to, but while they sit around the boardroom discussing how they might achieve this, these are words people use to describe their experience with one man doing little more than being himself. Bruce Springsteen has created a following that transcends generations and doesn’t seem to fade. And now there’s a great movie that shows that.

Springsteen & I is a documentary on the life and career of Springsteen through the eyes and experiences of his avid fans. The film is a showcase of the emotions that Springsteen fans have for the storytelling songwriter and looks at how he makes them feel. “This isn’t the giddy, squealing obsession of the teenage girl, but a kind of slow-cooked, long-steeped love for an artist. And it is rooted not just in his music, in his lyrics, but in the idea of Bruce Springsteen himself, in what he has come to represent,” wrote The Guardian’s Laura Barton.

In her story on the diehard nature of Springsteen fans, she quotes a fan who wrote to her about the powerful effect that ‘Born to Run’ had on him, “That song was so exciting and invigorating, it gave me a new lease of life – rather, a new purpose in life.” Not that he needs it, but more proof of The Boss as a Lovemark.

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