World Business Forum Sydney 3: Driving potential through authentic leadership

George Kohlrieser, veteran hostage negotiator and Professor of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour at the International Institute for Management Development

As a leader you have to be able to deliver pain and have people say thank you. High performers want the truth to become better.

People do not naturally resist change; they resist the pain of change and the fear of the unknown. The leader must create a foundation of safety.

A major reason top leaders fail is they cannot connect to people. Bonding only needs a common goal.

The new paradigm for leadership is about collaboration and connection. But without confidence, courage and how to deal with conflict, then it means nothing.

You cannot expect a team that is full of fear and who are not allowed to fail to be creative, to innovate and to dare. Unleash potential by inspiring, driving change and developing talent.

Leaders are like the wind. You don’t see the wind but you can see all around you what the effect of it is.

A secure base leader remains calm; accepts and values the individual; sees potential in the individual; uses listening, dialogue and inquiry; focuses on the positive; encourages risk; provides opportunities and challenges to stretch; inspires through intrinsic motivation, and is accessible.

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