I’ve been working on Happiness/Wellbeing at Work for around a decade now – on the basis that we spend around 60-70% of our lives on work, and happy workers are around 30% more productive than unhappy workers.

A distinguished psychology professor, Cary Cooper (sounds like a movie star doesn’t he?) has just shared his Seven Tips for finding happiness at work.  I’ve known Cary for almost 20 years now, we worked together at Lancaster University (along with his wife Rachel) and he’s a season ticket-holder at Manchester City where he’s a familiar figure in the board-room – and a smart thinker on sports psychology.

In essence, his Seven Tips (covered in depth in The Conversation) are:

  1. Be active – exercise is good for you on several levels.  It improves your mood as it boosts levels of the happy hormones – serotonin and dopamine, it increases your heart-rate which pumps more oxygen to the brain which helps counter anxiety/depression and it reduces emotional intensity.
  2. Connect with people – especially important in the Zoom/WFH era.  Working in a team enhances self-esteem as does being with and helping others.
  3. Learn new skills.  Find a hobby, learn to knit, cook, draw.  Learning new skills stimulates neurons in the brain.  Do something you like.
  4. Stay present.  Live in the moment.  Live Life, Love Life.  Focusing on the present, not the past or the future, improves your mental wellbeing.  Remember:
    Yesterday is History
    Tomorrow is a Mystery
    Today is a Gift.
  5. Recognise the positives.  Be grateful for what you’ve got, not what you’ve not.
  6. Avoid unhealthy habits.  Seems obvious!  Good job red wine – in moderation – is healthy!
  7. Work smarter, not longer.  Work/life blend is the key.


60% of all long-term sickness is stress-related.  So avoid stress (search Stress on prior posts – there are quite a few tips) and Make Happy Choices!

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