Never Give The Customer What They Want

Recently we were sitting in the bar at the Casadelmar outside Porto Vecchio.  When we sat down for a casual dinner, we noticed there was a dozen other guests arriving and sitting down adjacent to us in the small restaurant.  They were on holiday and having a great time (the noise levels reflected that).  Our intimate dinner for two had been hijacked in a positive, happy, uplifting way.  Much to our surprise Kevin, the sommelier who had taken care of us the previous night in the Casadelmar’s Michelin formal restaurant sidled up to us and said “We have a surprise for you”.  He led us in to the gastronomy restaurant which was closed that evening and said “This is your private dining room for the evening”. Wow.

It was a great example of customer love – not customer service, and not customer care – customer ❤️.  Kevin demonstrated his empathy for our unspoken desire to be in a quieter environment and broke every rule without any fuss whatsoever and created a magical memory for us.  He and his team took care of us in our ‘private dining room’ and I’m sure the 12 guests in the bar had an amazing time too.

In these days of supply chain problems, staff turnover and morale problems, it was a joy to be in the hands of Kevin and the entire crew at Casadelmar who demonstrated time after time what great customer love looks and feels like.

Merci Kevin, Pierre, Neal and Ben (and the amazing Reception/Concierge team) on creating loyalty beyond reason to our new Lovemark – Casadelmar.

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