Last week, ex All White Soccer star and Whip Around CEO, Noah Hickey – brought his gang of leaders for three days of inspiration, team building and business strategy to Desert Dream.  (Whip Around is a fast growing, fast moving US/NZ company dedicated to changing the world of physical distribution/trucking by making fleets sharper and more sustainable.)

Noah – the All White dressed in all black – is a family friend of daughter Bex and a multi faceted Peak Performer whose Focus is ‘Shine’ – something he found challenging when faced with Brazil’s Roberto Carlos, Kaká, Robinho and Ronaldinho running towards him in an International game.  But ‘Shine’ last week he did – as did his team – The Champion, Leonardo, Coach K, The Navigator, Magellan and The Magician.

The photos at the top of the page show the team at half time during the sessions in Tonto’s, demonstrating their belief in ‘the way we do anything, is the way we do everything’.  They play as hard as they work.

Be your Best You!!!  And Shine.

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