The Beatles or the Stones? Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen? Butch or Sundance? Lennon or McCartney? Popular opinion, I guess, might have skewed towards Lennon, given his quirky creativity, but over the years I’ve become a Paul McCartney fan. Last week Team Saatchi in London presented to the man himself, his daughter Mary, and the commercial team who run his late wife Linda’s organic food company.

Managing Director of Team Saatchi, Sophie Hooper, and her people were really impressed with Paul’s creativity, his down-to-earth business sense, and his enthusiasm for the brand and the cause. He was focused, funny and generous. To that you can also add very wise, given that he awarded us with the business!

A couple of years back we were fortunate enough to persuade Paul to play for the Lexus Dealers at their National Conference. We’d taken a track from Chaos and Creation in the Backyard for one of our Lexus spots, and Paul agreed to play a private concert for the Dealers. He was amazing. This is a man who loves to play and entertain. We’ve been privileged enough to see Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Elton John and many others perform in an intimate environment, but none of them had the sheer enthusiasm and energy of McCartney. He played his own tracks, great Wings work, and the best of The Beatles. Warm, human and very engaging, he played and played, and played.

What has prompted this outpouring is McCartney new album Memory Almost Full. This is the album he was working on before all the recent, highly publicized, personal problems, and had to shelve for a couple of years. I’ve been listening to it non-stop for a couple of days. It really is McCartney’s biography put to music. He comes from Liverpool, about 30 miles from where I grew up in Lancaster, and I find I can relate personally to so much of the stuff he sings about. Musically it’s outstanding, of course, given that Paul (an amazing musical talent as well as a great lyricist) plays all the instruments. “Don’t live in the past, don’t hold on to something that’s changing fast.” McCartney sure isn’t. He’s re-inventing himself and the music business, again. This latest CD was issued on the Starbucks label, Hear Music. It wasn’t so long ago that Hear Music was just a small listening post in Santa Monica and Starbucks a coffee shop in Seattle. In our new world of and/and they can now join with one of the legends of pop music. You can also find the lyrics for Memory Almost Full on Who’d have thought being 64 could be so much fun?

View Paul McCartney ‘Dance Tonight’ music video.

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