In youth sport in the US, one of the roles of a ‘Responsible Sports’ environment is the “Culture Keeper”; someone who makes sure that everyone (coaches, players, fans) adheres to team values. These people promote and protect the integrity of their sport and ensure that morale is maintained and undesirable situations averted. Team culture is important because it makes people give their 100% by inspiring them to believe in what they do.

At Saatchi & Saatchi our culture is based on:

  • Our Inspirational Dream: To be revered as the hot house for world changing creative ideas that transform our clients’ businesses, brands and reputations.
  • Our Focus: To fill the world with Lovemarks.
  • Our Spirit: One Team, One Dream – Nothing Is Impossible. 

Great results also come from shared purpose. In his book, Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies, former P&G GMO Jim Stengel chronicles a ten-year study of the world’s fifty top businesses and discovers that those with strong positive corporate culture grew rate triple that of competitors in their categories. The All Blacks have also developed a strong culture to become the most successful international sports team, with an 84% win ratio against all opposition. Strong cultures make winners and leaders – it’s the reason why every company should have its own “Culture Keeper”.

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