New Zealand scientist and an all round disruptor, Sir Ray Avery, has a unique approach to keeping himself on track and motivated – he counts down how many days he has left on the planet to ensure that he makes the most out of life.

“I’ve got about 5,625 days to live,” the 65-year old toldan audience of entrepreneurs. “When you’re born, you’re born with 30,000 days. That’s it. The best strategic planning I can give to you is to think about that… Every day I do a chart on what I’ve achieved and where I want to be. And it makes you scary-as-shit clever.”

Most of us don’t like to think about ‘the end’, but the idea of a reverse engineered calendar means that instead of having x amount of days left, we have x amount of days to fill with life. My Canadian friend Robin Dyke(pictured), still playing great rugby, still cycling every day, still mentoring Victoria MBAs, still open eyed with curiosity, (and older than Ray Avery!) lives this to the max. An inspiration to all us young folks.

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