I’m a Netflix Fan – and they’ve been struggling with a few growing pains of late.  It was heartening to see this home of Creativity bouncing back in the UK where it was just revealed (by Beano Brain) to be the coolest brand favoured by Gen Alpha kids in the UK (ages 7 – 14) in a large study of 120,000 respondents.

According to Beano’s Head of Insights “Netflix reigns supreme as the King of the streaming services.  It’s ever changing catalogue means kids feel it’s impossible to tire of the streaming platform”.

You can see the Top 10 in the graphic at the top of this blog.

Some observations from the research:

  • 72% of kids think Netflix is cool.
  • McDonalds was rated cool by 72% of kids, down from 85% 12 months ago.
  • Other Lovemarks of mine remain future-proofed with Apple at No. 11, Amazon at No. 12, Adidas at No. 16, Pepsi at No. 18 and Spotify at No. 20.
  • The BBC has fallen 28 places to No. 71, the largest drop of any brand.
  • 30% of the top 100 brands are food/drink, 26% retailers and 23% gaming.
  • Kids love brands with salience and a clear proposition (who doesn’t?).  It’s why Just Do It is cool and why Pringles’ texture and shape make it a winner.
  • Kids love an ‘opening’ (eg an Apple release).
  • Kids love a ritual which they can share with the family (eg Dunkin’ an Oreo).
  • They love brands that are present at a key life moment, eg McDonalds at FIFA World Cup.
  • Gen Alpha are the original YouTube generation (stand up Cameron and Andrew!) and have been raised on influencer collaborations.

Here are  the Top 100 in the UK:

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