We’re off to see The Boss again – November 30th in Phoenix – Row 12 – up close.

I’ve been getting into the mood by playing his Tour set-list: Bruce Springsteen Setlist 2023: World Tour

(No Thunder Road?)

My daughter Bex is a huge Bruce fan and we’re hoping to get to a concert in NZ/Oz next year.  Her favourite song is Thunder Road.  It’s mine too.  Hope it’s back on his Tour list by then.

Bruce Springsteen – The Live Series: Songs of Location

And if you’re still in a Bruce mood (later in the evening over a quiet bottle of red), here’s a mellow playlist I put together: KR – The Boss in Mellow Mood

Still filling stadia and making memories at 73.

Late Breaking PS:

Bruce is laid up with a peptic ulcer operation, so concerts have all been postponed. He’ll be back in January.

No Retreat. No Surrender.

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